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A picture tells a thousand words - here are some photos of work we have undertaken.

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House Extension

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Type of work: Shower construction, plumbing, tiling & installation



Type of work: Toilet tiling, plumbing & installation



Type of work: House Painting



Type of work: Exterior Wall Painting



Type of work: Exterior Fence


Type of work: Exterior Fence


Type of work: Exterior Decking

Why trust Kenmare House Care with your home?


Kenmare House Care go to great lengths to ensure that all work is carried out to the highest standard.


Our team has many years experience in building, house maintenance, landscaping, rennovation and other areas.


We believe in the right price for the right job and can work with your budget to tailor a solution that fits.


We receive very positive feedback from our clients and our high levels of repeat business show people trust us time and time again.